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DiGiTronica Project Links

  • http://www.circuitgeek.comWelcome to CircuitGeek. This is a place where you can find useful circuits, interesting projects, and electronics related articles. Site is updated frequently with electronics projects, events found in the internet.
  • http://www.circuit-projects.comYou can find as well as share your own electronic circuit schematics/diagrams or projects with people from all around the world.
  • Digital BugsThe Digital Bugs (also known as DiBugs) is a place where you can find lots of friends facing similar computer, windows, or other technology and evnen non technology related problems. Here we can learn new stuff together, solve small problems related to Windows XP, Vista, particular programs and much more.
  • Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
  • Ladyada: Most of the stuff on this site is related to the electronic toys, gadgets and art that Limor, an engineer currently working with Adafruit Industries worked on since 2003.
  • V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR® microcontrollers, making it possible to build USB hardware with almost any AVR® microcontroller, not requiring any additional chip.

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    Principles of Computer Architecture and Maintenance

    DiGiTronica Tutorial Links

    1. Online course on Embedded Systems
    2. Good info on variety of latest Technologies
    3. Tutorials by Mr William Green from Drexel University. Some of the topics covered are PCB design, SMD, GPS, Fuzzy Controller.
    4. This site is your source for hundreds of practical articles, tips, papers and resources about developing embedded systems.
    5. Serial Communication
    6. Free info by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. Info includes mainly DSP related information.
    7. C Tutorials:This site provides the opportunity to learn basic control and embedded system concepts while taking advantage of the low cost and convenience of using a PC as a platform.
    8. Free Ebook: First Steps with Embedded Systems
    9. What a Microcontroller Bootloader Is and How It Works?
    10. Maxim: Over 2000 application notes and technical articles written by engineers, for engineers.
    11. MATLAB Tutorial Videos
    12. Embedded C basic Tutorial: While programming microcontrollers in C most of the time we have to deal with registers. Most common tasks are setting and clearing bits in a register and check whether a bit is 0 or 1 in a given register. Mr.Avinash Gupta has nicely presented these concepts. 
    13. PIC Tutorials 
    14. SMT Components 
    15. Eagle Schematic Tutorial
      8051 TUTORIALS

      1. Edsim51 8051 Tutorial
      2. Architecture and programming of 8051 MCU
      3. 8051 Tutorial
      4. 8051 and HyperTerminal

      Thursday, December 2, 2010

      MSBTE:Embedded Systems(9168) CHAPTER 1

      CHAPTER 1

      1.1 8051 Parallel I/O Ports
      1.2 Interrupt handling & programming :
      1.2.1 Concept of synchronous & asynchronous interrupts,
      1.2.2 ISR
      1.2.3 Programming external hardware interrupt & Timer interrupt.

      • We are living in the Embedded World. We are surrounded with many embedded products and our daily life largely depends on the proper functioning of these gadgets.
      • Television, Radio, CD player of your living room, Washing Machine or Microwave Oven in the kitchen, Card readers, Access Controllers, Palm devices of our work space enable us to do many of our tasks very effectively.
      • Apart from all these, many controllers embedded in the automobiles take care of many important operations.

      What is this Embedded System?
      • The computer you use to compose your mails, or create a document or analyze the database is known as the standard desktop computer. These desktop computers are manufactured to serve many purposes and applications. You need to install the relevant software to get the required processing facility.
      • In contrast, embedded controllers carryout a specific work for which they are designed. Most of the time, engineers design these embedded controllers with a specific goal in mind. So these controllers cannot be used in any other place.
      • Theoretically, an embedded controller is a combination of a piece of microprocessor based hardware and the suitable software to undertake a specific task.
      • These days designers have many choices in microprocessors/microcontrollers. Especially, in 8 bit and 32 bit, the available variety really may overwhelm even an experienced designer. Selecting a right microprocessor may turn out as a most difficult first step and it is getting complicated as new devices continue to pop-up very often.
      • In the 8 bit segment, the most popular and used architecture is Intel's 8051. Market acceptance of this particular family has driven many semiconductor manufacturers to develop something new based on this particular architecture. Even after 25 years of existence, semiconductor manufacturers still come out with some kind of device using this 8051 core.

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      MSBTE Question Papers - First Year (E Scheme)

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      Advanced Industrial Electronics